What is SAP E-Recruitment?

SAP E-Recruitment owns recruitment and succession planning tools which will benefit your business find new employees, hire them in jobs that fit their abilities, increase their professional growth, and engage them in the long term. Power packed with recruitment as well as succession planning tools which go a large way in supporting companies reach out to new employees, discover suitable jobs to agree their abilities, engage them on a long-term basis and improve the fields of their professional development, the SAP E-Recruiting sub-module is absolutely the right way to go. 

Along with managing the candidate tracking movements of an organization, it guarantees up-to-date HR management, maintenance of constant contact with possible candidates and aspirants, and the streamlining of all employee specific data and information. SAP E-Recruitment Training in Pune helps you to learn all these concepts along with real time scenario. Advantages of SAP E-RecruitingOffering…